How do I make a Gear with Barrier Art/Props?

I’m making a game that revolves around clockworks, so this would REEEEALLY help me out

I think you could use poles from props or make skinny barriers

Not sure how that would work
maybe a pic for example?

With props or

With barriers

How it will look in game:

Honestly barriers look better

Hope this helps for your game!

:gear: u can use this emoji and make it big

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both of those seem to work

now The next question
is it possible to make it spin?

I’d recommend using the text if you’re going to make it spin for memory conservation, but both work.
You can follow @Anythinger 's guide on animation, but here’s a basic rundown of how it works.

  1. You create props and place them in a way that represents every frame.

  2. Make sure only the first one is visible on default.

  3. Use wire repeaters or triggers(for channels if changing many) to hide the last frame and show the next.

  4. That should be it! You might need a lifecycle to jumpstart the system, but that’s real simple.

If you didn’t understand this, please check out @Anythinger’s guide on animation: He developed it and just did a much better explanation than me.

Hope this helps!

(Here’s his guide btw:

wow…I didn’t know that! thanks a lot!

You could make multiple spin if you use channels, just set them to different frames.

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