How do i make a foodcart?

Hi guys,
How do i make a food cart???

Like, a place where you can buy food? Wire a button hidden by a prop or an item image to a health granter. When the button is pressed, grant the health. You could get fancy with it and make it so you could only eat one time by adding a wire repeater!

props combined or barriers?? :upside_down_face:

You can get a tractor, and barrier. Then, you can put a taco emoji!

So tractor in front barriers making a square and wheels then emoji!

Tractor, barriers, wheels on bottom, and a taco on top! If you need a more accurate representation or a image, I can make one.

a shopping cart prob

yes how do i mae it so they can switch threw diffrent things to get threw the foodcart

You can use pop ups and vending machines.

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ok ill try the rq

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I mean, personally, I don’t really care on making mistakes, but I type a lot, so I could probably just recognize what they are trying to say lol, so I just recognize it cause I type a lot and make mistakes.

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heres mine its made of a market cart and text
Screenshot 2024-04-17 3.43.58 PM


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