How do i make a dispenser like in tf2

I am trying to work on a tf2 like game and i would like to make it where there is a dispenser that gives you health and ammo, how would i do that?

You can take a item granter and connect it to a button to give you a item. This guide might help you:

if you connect the vending machine or the button or whatever to a health granter and item granted. that should work! you could use the loot table tutorial ^ to use 1 item granter to give you the type of ammo based on your gadget

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you cloud try using a zone and connect the zone to an wire repeater
then you can make the wire repeater only work if it is getting a signal from a specific team (I’m pretty Shure that this is the only way to make something team locked)
copy the wire reapeater
use wires to relay the pulse if enters on one and exits on another
make a repeater
make connect the repeater to the wire repeaters so that when they enter it starts the repeater and stops when leaving
make a health and item granter
connect them to the repeater
set the health granter to whatever same for item granter for ammo

the result is this

if you wanna make it creatable you can make a prop (duh) and make it hidden
also set the zone to hidden on default
next make an vending machine and make it hidden
set it to the team you want the dispenser to be for
make it to transmit on channel but don’t enter one
set the required item and amount to whatever you want
connect the vending machine to the prop via wires
now make it so when bought the prop is made visible
connect the prop to the zone
make it so when the prop is shown the zone is activated
finally make the amount of time the vending machine can be purchased is 1
(sadly you cant make a destroyable dispenser buildable again)

the final result
thats all i know how to do on this topic @brassmonkeGH
you can probably improve this but I’m kind of new so I don’t know a lot

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Careful you have codes

I think it’s been long enough that the code doesn’t work anymore…



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