How do I make a custom skin

How do I make custom skins. (I know only I will be able to see them)

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I don’t think thats possible.
The off-topic is not an excuse to post stuff like this, by the way

remove the off-topic tag, you are not supposed to use it when you post. It’s used by tl3+ to make it known that the topic is off-topic. also, do you mean custom sentries? you can do that with this guide.

I think you can probably do something like that by using inspect element then swapping out files or smth.

How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

Well is this your case?

or you mean like inspect and change?

And if that answered your question now lets get back on-topic

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custom skins, do you mean in reg gimkit or in gkc?

To import a custom skin into gimkit (only clientside), use this tutorial:

Oh wow that’s sweet! If only I wasn’t on a Chromebook…

I used inspect and figured it out

It said I got the solution but @Blackhole927 got it. I am kinda confused

I miss clicked and selected you.

well that sucks a lot for me ;-;

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