How do I Make a Bounty System for Four Teams, in which they don't have to change teams

Once again, I need help. You see, in my game “banana wars”, I want there to be a bounty system in place, where if you unalive someone with the bounty you get 100 cash instead of 25. The only way I have found to do this is through changing teams, but I want them to stay on the same team. As well as that, how would I make it to where the bounties names are shown through a Game Overlay device? Sorry I haven’t replied, I will be able to in 2 hours. I reached the limit yesterday.

You need to use a property and check in the knockout manager’s blocks if the property says if that player is a bounty.


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So I managed to do the bounty system, but the popup isn’t working right. It will do the popup if you have the bounty put on you, but nobody else will be able to see who the bounty is for some reason. I went through everything and I think it should work. Maybe you can see something wrong with it?

Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 9.54.36 AM

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I added an extra relay for all players onto the trigger. Now the popup shows up for everyone, but it doesn’t have a custom message for the person with the bounty.

Honestly, I think this is as close as you can get….

When you say custom notification you mean for the player, right? If so, that doesn’t matter to me, as long as everybody sees they are the bounty. It could be funny too, they don’t know it till it’s too late. Could you make this a bit more specific, though? Like how could I make it to where the bounty changes every 10 or so minutes, and the person who was it is no longer the bounty. Sorry if this is a bit too much I’m asking for, I just want cool game mechanics, so that my new game doesn’t flop like my last one.

Sorry, I just wanted to provide some background. My bad.

Could you elaborate a bit?

What do you mean by this:

as in, only some people have bounty?


easy bounty system: get a property called bounty with player scope. lifecycle (player knocks out) wired to a trigger [event occurs → trigger trigger]. Go to trigger block code and set property “bounty” to get property “bounty” + x. where x = your choice. have an overlay update every time a player is knocked out that shows how much bounty a player has.

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I mean like random players get bounty, but I’m not the best at making random things which is why I need help.

As well as that, sometimes the bounties will switch, say every 10 minutes.

Through what event do players randomly get bounty? What does bounty switching mean?

So when my timer ive already set up reaches 30 minutes out of 60. Switching means that when the clock hits 15 the three people who have bounties will no longer have them, and some other 3 people will.

maybe this will help?:

This is a bit too much. I’ll just make a bounty system after the game is finished and published as an update.

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Yeah the player that has the bounty put on them sees the same thing everyone else sees. As for a 10 minute timer, you just need to use a repeater. Set the task interval to 600 seconds, or whatever custom number you want (I got 600 by multiplying 60, the amount of seconds in a minute, by 10, the amount of minutes you want to wait). Start the repeater with a lifecycle that listens for game start. Everything should work, don’t give up, and if you are going to put this in an update,

mark this as the solution. But if you think you can handle it, just follow along with the photos I provided in posts 3 and 4! You can remove the blocks in the if statement and just use the blocks in the else statement for the popup since the message I tried to make for the person with the bounty on their head doesn’t work.

All good! :+1:

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