How do I limit ammunition amount from items like the snowball launcher?

I want to add a snowball launcher to my map but I don’t want my students to have infinite snowballs. I want them answering questions for more snowballs… Not sure how to accomplish this? Please help…

do you have a questioneir and item granter

Settings in the bottom left corner > Map Options > Items > Infinite Refills = No

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That is it! Thank you so much!

How do limit sentrys ammo?

don’t think you can

You can connect a zone to a repeater-and-counter timer so the repeater triggers when a player enters the zone. Study the sentry to see how many seconds it takes between each shot. Make the zone also increment a counter. When a player moves out of the zone, decrement the counter. This is to keep the repeaters from stopping when just one player walks out, since there may still be players in the zone. Make the counter deactivate the repeater when it reaches a target value of 0, and make the counter that’s part of the timer deactivate the sentry when it reaches the target value of the amount of ammo you want it to have. You won’t be able to kill the sentry though.

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