How Do I Let People Become Invisible?

I Want To Let People Become Invisible At Will Like On Capture The Flag!

In short, it is currently impossible as of now.

If your map is mostly one terrain, when an invisabit is used, activate a barrier for all other players that is the same color as the background.

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according to this, everything isn’t impossible…

Well, there are workarounds to somewhat replicate it. On paper, it’s impossible but you can do stuff similar to it

That’s a technicality. I don’t think anyone would actually modify the game to make someone invisible. The thing about “It’s not impossible” is that it may not be impossible, but you have to really think about if something is worth doing.

I think there are some things that are impossible in GKC, but apparently Roblox is possible so…

Forcing everyone as one skin in gimkit is possible, but would you answer how to do it in a help post?

no, I wouldn’t. also why would i do that?

It’s possible, but do you think anyone would actually want to do it?

I would. I would love someone to do it for me. :smirk:

Turing Complete also means with infinite memory. We definitely don’t have enough memory for Roblox, but theoretically if we did, we could make it (not saying anyone probably could as of now).

Would Rocket League be possible?

You can try infinite amounts of invisabits.

So, just activating a floor-colored barrier for everyone not using that invisabit is not a good workaround?