Invisibits/how to make you player invisible

Please help me with this!

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Well While Editing That is possible. to do that click “opinions” or the gear than click wall collisions and select “Off”

that is currently impossible.

maybe it would work if you made a vending machine or a spawner that gives invisabits and then yuo could turn invisible

@anon73616841 thats impossible because invisabits are not a real item that you can give a player.

As they have not been added to gimkit creative as a real item.

…that doesn’t make you invisible. If you’re editing with other people and you turn off collisions, they can still see you.

Currently, Invisibits don’t exist. They may be available on a later update.

sadly that is impossible :frowning_face:

A) That’s noclip, not invincibility.
B) That’s clearly not the answer they were looking for.
C) Just realized that this was a year old.