How do I have my energy have a /10,000, and when upgraded, a /25,000 to know the maximum of energy

how do i make it so that it is everything i said in the first thing a thing, and yes, I already have an energy system.

10,000 energy per qustion

So you are increasing max energy? For the energy limit, use an Inventory Item Manager. Then, when they get the upgrade, wire it to activate a new Inventory Item Manager with the higher ceiling, which will then override the Inventory Item Manager with a lower ceiling. That’s it!


no, not that, i already have a maximum, i just wanna show the maximum, like in tag: domination’
, like this,

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wait, never mind guys, i found a solution

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For those who are just reading this, who has the same problem, you go to your game overlay, go to all options, show tracked item amount, and select yes, and that’s it

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