How do I grant an item to an entire team?

how? i need it for when you score in my blastball, the whole scoring team gets money.

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use a relay

i figured, but doesn’t that just mean who it shows to?

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you use a relay and then link the relay to an item granter

Use this guide:

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so the relay won’t work, right?

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It would if you had a relay to an it Len granter for each amount granted. If there’s a lot of granting, then use this system.

wow, there are guides on a lot of very specific things, I’ll take a look at it!


Well… it’s more about memory efficiency rather than capabilities.

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That guide needs to be changed a bit for it to work. I’ll have to do that in a few days.

all you need to do is get the ball capture zone wire it up to a relay set to everyone on my team
and then wire the relay to an granter

its easy as 123

Wait, 1,2,3? It goes 17, 62, 4!

For a while I have been testing the speed and physics of the ball and its results are interesting

Trapping them in boxes and connecting them to a counter really shows some info

Lemme tell you they can get very extreme in boxes if enclosed in a small one making about like more than 80 smacks a minute

I may have found a solution to repeaters

though it will cost 1200 it could run more than 1 action at once most likely