How To Have a Shared Resource For Teams

Hello. It’s me again. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a shared resource like money in a tycoon or team mode in classic.

No concept and guide section this time because its a miniguide. First, make a team scoped property named “Money”. Make an IIM for your resource edit that. Now make another property called “Own Money” that is player scoped and is edited by another IIM for the resource. Now, make an item granter for that resource. Make a block that is triggered when the property changes. Put this in the blocks:

This is what the end result should look like:

If you want, you can add an overlay that tracks the amount of the item in question.

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Nice job! Pretty cool idea!

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I’m trying this, and I’m not able to get it to work, so I must be missing something.

I think I’m missing how the block triggers. Could you possible clarify that step a bit more?

There is a channel broadcast that the property “Money” broadcasts on. You can choose whatever you want for that. Put that channel into the channel that triggers the block.

I think that I have everything here.

Do you think that you could let me know where I went wrong?

Currently the bananas stay in the inventory for a split second, then disappear.

Ok… I don’t think that you need an iim for the “Money” property.

Thanks. I deleted that IIM, and now the bananas stay in the inventory, but don’t sync.

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Try making the property “Own Money” broadcast to the blocks instead.

Now it gives 999999999 (infinite) bananas. :sweat_smile:

Oops. Set “Money” to “Own Money” after granting the money. Sorry it’s taking me so long.

No worries. That isn’t working for me, but maybe I put it in the wrong place. I tried putting it in the same block that I currently have.

I’ll play with it a bit later on.

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The idea is to just update a team scoped variable and then whenever your variable changes, you update the team scoped variable and then update everyone else’s variable.

Uhh, what is this?
(sry, i just dont really know the gkc device abreviations)

It’s Inventory Item Manager.

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Inventory item manager

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We could wire a item granter to this, and then people can accually see the amount in their invenotry come and go. (this will be a bit hard to do, and ill get back to you when i finish it.

I see, it’s not your money, it’s our money.