How do I Get Gimhook?

I want to use it but idk how to get it


credits from everyone there: You can j0in the gimhook discord, download gimhook and then download the BetterZoom mod from there. As of now it can teleport the player while in the editor, and zoom out the camera more than you are supposed to.

Once hexa gets colyseus hooks working, it will basically be able to do anything, like building things for you (like a preset)

i released a better version that zooms only on shift lmao

It should also be noted that gimhook cannot be installed on school devices.

im on my school chrome book and discord is blocked how do I get it

ok that solved my problems

ya me too is there a way to get it without discord

yeah @Blackhole927 said you need microsoft store.

What is the Microsoft story? Can you please provide me with more information about it?

You cannot install gimhook on school devices.

Gimhook can be installed on the following operating systems, (not on school computers):

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS

The link to gimhook download is:

Aw, man!

@Blackhole927 you should make some sort of guide that is like a direct access to gimhook. And @GimfishCollector remember to mark a solution!


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Please remember to mark a solution.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. While gimhook is cool, the primary users of the forum are people on school devices, meaning that gimhook will result in students attempting to bypass blocking systems on their devices. I think the best idea for people looking to get gimhook is to direct them to the gimhook discord, since it will be blocked on school computers and force them to use their home devices.

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Now with you explaining that, i agree. Sorry about the confusion.

Summary is to use your moms computer.

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Please stay on topic, and not everyone has a home or personal computer.

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