What is Gimhook?

What is Gimhook?

i think its a website for modding gimkit but i cant get on it

I don’t know what gimhook is.

Gimhook is a clientside gimkit modding client developed by hexaheximal.

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What does it do exactly?

mods gimkit as @Blackhole927 said

Like how? Gimkit Creative?

As of now it can teleport the player while in the editor, and zoom out the camera more than you are supposed to.

Once hexa gets colyseus hooks working, it will basically be able to do anything, like building things for you (like a preset)

Ah… I see.

Modern web apps will use some things to import code. Gimhook takes over those things and injects custom code.

Where can I get the camera? I want to edit my whole map without moving.

gimhook Gimhook · GitHub

You can j0in the gimhook discord, download gimhook and then download the BetterZoom mod from there.

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