How do i get a sentry to move around by teleporting

i have been making a map but i need a boat thing that the player can control

bud i dont think that’s possible

ive seen movement before i just want it to move

thats animating props you have no control of the animation ingame when you animate props

you can make a boat out of props, but making it movable is not possibble yet, just llike you you can’t drive cars, but you can see if you can teleport a player to a boat and then another boat that is farther away so it looks like it is moving, just look at this guide on how to do teleportation animation.

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tho you can make a prop boat that teleports with the player on a set path

This is the closest thing you can get to moving anamation, so if you can follow the guide, please mark it as the solution.

scratch that i want a sentry to do it.

i changed my mind on player doing it how do i do a sentry?

here is a guide on how to make a moving sentry

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