How do i get a player name

how can i get a target players name and display it in a popup.

You could use a trigger to store the triggering players’ name in a property, then use a popup to display that property + whatever other info you need to show.

How do you want the player to be selected?

they push a button and it retrieves the name and saves it to a property.

How? the trigger does not have that option.

Connect the button to a trigger and make this blockcode within the trigger:


Ohhhh thank you so mutch

Another solution has been lost to the dragon. Sigh…

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I’ll be a trip with the orchestra for one week in March, so that’s your chance to catch up lol. You still do a lot of cool stuff like _land so in my opinion you’re better than me


:flushed: I did not know that you thought that I was better than you… ALSO _____Land is ancient. It was the pinnacle of Gimkit… about three months ago. I’m working on something new with TriggerTock, but between cover art, selectable karts, bonus content, and trying to figure out what the other 80% of the map memory will be used for, it’ll take a while. Bare bones are done though, so I’d say… 50% done???


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