How do i do this, Sorry for the multiple posts

How do i make a thing where it tracks who has a certain item the entire game?

Use a inventory item manager

do you want it to show like on a overlay on the screen? please be specific on what it is used for and how it will be used in game.

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No, I mean, it shows EVERYONE who has the certain item.
Yes like an overlay.

ok give me a minute

maybe try this?

Yeah, Exactly like that.

like a overlay that shows like the game names of everyone with the item?

Um ok, then try it and see if it works for what you need.

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It did not work, have you ever played Moderate Capes KEEP AWAY?
im trying to make something like that.

no, i haven’t. If its in discovery i don’t play any maps on there, the lack of great creativity and how hard it is to find a good map is discouraging.

If i could have you play it, I would, it is a fun game…
Put he has this thing where it shows who has his selected item (A ticket)
and it says (Players name Has the ticket)
But i dont know how to do that.

i would say using an inventory manager have it detect for so called item and when item is detected a waypoint is activated(via wire) and have it set to player. That is what makes logical sense.

try connecting a way point to a checker. then add a zone to trigger it. (I haven’t tried this method yet

Let me test a few options and see which works well.

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