How do I detect that a player has been knocked out by a sentry?

So in my game I made it so that the that it can be detected when a player was knocked by another player but how do I make it so that it can be detected when the player get’s knocked by a sentry?

Just get a lifecycle set to player knocked out!

ik but also in my game I would need the lifecycle to activate and deactivate

Use a knockout manager. That can activate and deactivate.

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In that case, you need a knockout manager.

@Kosm0-o you beat me to it lol!

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ik but the knockout manager only detects when a player is knocked by another player so yeah another dead end

Possibly this might help?

no that didn’t help it is pretty dum that gimkit didn’t include that in creative

IDK then i’m sorry. maybe wait until someone more experienced comes along?

yeah, thank you anyways

Could this help?
Screenshot 2024-06-11 8.38.21 PM

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he’s tracking players not sentries sadly

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use a lifecycle set to player knocked out, and for the activate and deactivate set a property “activated” as a boolean property, and when player knocked out wire it to a checker, check if the property is TRUE then if it is true do the thing you want to do. Change the property to make it activate and deactivate

still doesn’t work because not even 1 device can detect If a player has been knocked out by a sentry.

Instead of using a boolean use a number property with a default value of 0 and player scoped. Make a counter that updates this property and has a player count scope. get a zone that covers the range of the sentry(s) and make sure it is a circle. When zone entered, increment counter. When player leaves zone, decrement counter. Now get a lifeycle, checker, and whatever will happen when the player is knocked out by a sentry. The lifecycle listens for player knocked out and the checker checks to see if the property is equal to 1. When lifecycle event occurs, run check. If check passes, (trigger the event you made) and decrement counter.