How do I control the respawn team for a player based on their inventory?

How do i make it so when someone dies by a team, they check to see if they have a gold seed and if they don’t, they switch to their team but when they have it, they respawn on their current team?

Place down a checker, a lifecycle, a respawn device, a trigger, and a team switcher(s).

Lifecycle (When player knocked out) → Checker (Run Check).

Make the checker check if the player has more than 0 gold seeds. If the check passes, trigger the trigger with a delay of 0.1, and then after the trigger triggers wire it to a team switcher which switches the player to the team they used to be on. If the check fails, wire the checker to a team switcher which switches them to the other team.


Use this, but with only 1 seed and without the stealing.