How do I configure a player counter to end the game?

I currently have two player counters. One tracks all players, and one tracks a team. How do I stop the second player counter’s signal? Since the counter starts at zero, it immediately ends the game, which is frustrating. I’ve been trying to find a bunch of workarounds, but nothing is working. Btw, sorry for changing the topic, I never found a solution for the old one and I feel like this is a more broad version of it, which will probably be more useful.

You can change the number the counter starts at…

Use a trigger and a delay on that.

You could use a wire repeater for wires but I dont know for a channel maybe a counter?

Or I think you could also use a trigger with a delay

You can use triggers and connect a wire from the tracker to the trigger. You could also use 2 different channels, one for tracker → trigger, and trigger → whatever you need after the delay.

If I do that, the tracker stops updating.

Then change the stuff for that.

How would I incorporate that into the tracker?

I used this one, by the way:

Would I attach it to the counter? or the relay?

have the channel you want to delay trigger a trigger and then give that trigger a delay then have the trigger broadcast

so basically, the channel I want to use isn’t directly transmitted, but transmitted to the trigger, which transmitts a different channel that acts like the first one?


Alright, so I’m pretty sure I can just start with a higher number and have another device decrement the counter by one, which makes it still work the same. I could be wrong, but I’m keeping the solution as is unless it doesn’t work.