How do i compare the amounts of items each person has?

how do I compare the amounts of items each person has?

Do you want to compare one item or multiple items?

Checker. Check if triggering players items > than (other player’s) items

I don’t think that’s how a checker works…

Keep subtracting items from a certain amount until all but one player has 0 of that item.

Fine, trigger+checker.

You could store each players amount of items in a separate property, then compare them in blocks. There was a help post about something similar to this a while back, let me find it.

There is a way to do it by reverse pseudo-teaming and recursion, but it would lag a lot.

How would this compare the amount of items? It would only check for one exact number or a huge range of numbers, if you didn’t use like 50 checkers.

Oh… I forgot how checkers work ( I never use them)

You could just use blocks like a normal person.

Ugh… They don’t have a measurer of how many items a player has…

IIM → property. You might be able to use different items if every property is a number through loss of information.

Dang… so you do still have to assign a property. I wish checker could compare a property-property
(Don’t Nolt me, it’s blocked)

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The urge though…

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What is reverse pseudo teaming? Also, you could subtract items until someone gets 0 items.

RPT is just checking for the lack of an item. Niche, but it has its uses.

I don’t think it should be called NPT then.

Yeah, I was using RPT to subtract items until someone has 0.

I first used it in my 1st voting map…