How do I check if there are no players on a team?

I am making Among Us and am almost done but am struggling to figure out how to check if there are no more players on a team (the team the imposter is on). Thx

This is for battle royales, but it can be used for other scenarios. You would have to have two separate counters for each team and connect the lifecycle to two wire repeaters, one that blocks a signal from team one and vice versa. Connect the wire repeaters to the corresponding counters.

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You could use a counter at the beginning

Yes that is a good guide @NavyCatZ

Maybe try looking at this guide, but don’t use the entire thing:

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Whatever activates the setup → relay (specific team) → counter linked with property. Place down a checker, and check if the property = 0. If true, broadcast on channel. Navy you beat me by one second

Yay! My guide! Of course, to make it check each team, you would have to make a trigger

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A solution!

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Thanks. Super quick responses lol

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If you are using my guide, to make it better, make a trigger to check the team number ,if team is 1, transmit on team1, if team is 2, transmit on team2(Blocks), and make a counter that updates properties for this.

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They will receive on the channels to increment or decrement

Ain’t that right!

Very true.

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