How do I actually use Gimhook?

I’ve downloaded Gimhook onto my Chromebook (kinda late into the school year i know). How do I actually use the file? Do I need an outside source to use it? I don’t know if it works like a script or not.

What is Gimhook?

Gimhook is an EXE file, which most schools block. To use it, you just need to run the file called gimhook.exe. If your school blocks this, there is nothing that can be done.

.exe files do not work on Chromebooks unless you have enabled Linux and you are using the Wine program to run the file. Else, too bad.

I downloaded the newest version, which isn’t an exe file. It says that its a 7zip archive.

You’ll need to extract the archive with 7zip. Then run the zip file. If this seems a bit complex… gimhook can’t be compressed enough to fit on codeburg so a special algorithm has to be used. Google “7z extractor online”.

How do I extract it then? I’m not that tech-savvy, so…

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Creator of Gimhook here.

It depends. Can you enable crostini? If so, the linux build should work fine.

(NOTE: Disregard everything people have said earlier in this thread about EXE files. The Windows build is not relevant at all if you are trying to install it on a Chromebook.)



i also need help with gimhook

so do i just input the gimhook into the source section of inspect?

thanks, hex. i’ll try this. if it works, i’ll mark a solution.

welp. i guess im cooked. my old school allowed developer mode, but unfortunately i can’t access developer mode now. if there’s another way, let me know! if not, i’ll mark a solution.

i dont think it works without dev mode on. you cant install it.
just mark solution and be done

alright. just sucks then. i’ll just install it on my personal computer…

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