How do checkpoints work?

so what im trying to do is understand checkpoints so i can add a game overlay button that will teleport you to your last check point

once triggered (stepped on) the place where you triggered the checkpoint will be set as your spawn point when you die

Well, just make it knock you out with a respawn device.

tho whats the activate once thing? does it activate it for all or just the singular player who triggered it?


button pressed > set as active spawn point

isn’t your wording a bit weird?

it only activates for one player unless you use a relay (i think)

Yeah i think that’s how it works, you should be right. Ooh and black fox if you make this, you should make a guide on it.

Try this

oh ok so what would happen if you were to use multiple? does it cancel the previous one out or does it just bug out?

i think it will not activate any of them, vortex mist made a post about it if you claim multiple checkpoints it wont activate any

hmmm ok is that a bug or is that meant to happen?

Probably meant to happen to stop checkpoint abuse…

no, and the game would be confused on where to spawn the player when the player dies

well then if one can only have one checkpoint then whats the point of having multiple? and could they just add a way to deactivate a checkpoint?

for more checkpoints in your map assuming it’s not to easy to get more than two before dying

I think they deactivate once you hit a new one.

hopefully yes

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