How could I make a tug of war where whatever team answers the most questions wins?

I accedently made the question in the title. (This is for squid games)

you might be able to use a checker.

i would say set a counter for each team and what ever team gets a certain numer of questions first wins.

my idea is to use a questioner and a way to compare and whichever one has more would be the winner
(use a counter)

where every time you answer an question it runs a check and when the check is done they other team respawn’s or whatever you want to do with them.

well I knew to use a questioneer and counter I just didnt know HOW

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Check this information out:

You could also make it so that they have to have more than the oppenent instead of a total number, as that would make it more accurate.

good thinking, but i dont know how to do that

thanks, but I know what a counter is

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