How can you make your own original Gimkit mode?

In Gimkit creative, I’ve been trying to make my own original mode, and it’s been going pretty well… until I realized I don’t know how to add upgrades. Please help ASAP!

Which upgrades do you want?
Welcome, @MDODD

Thanks for helping @potato1. the upgrades I need are insurance, streak, money per question, and multiplier.

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Welcome to the forum! Have you tried searching for guides on them?

Hmmmm… Can you please give more information?

What type of information do you need?

Theres probably a tutorial on youtube somewhere!

more specific information.

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tell us exactly what you need.

And yes, I have tried searching for guides on them.

oh, so maybe look for some guides on here?

That’s what I mean. @GimSolver said it.

r u going to give us more info?

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@GimSolver he is replying right now.

my bad, sorry…

I need to know how to connect the upgrades to the questioner for example, for streak bonus, I need to know how to connect it so every question I get correct, I get 3+ money.

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yes, thank you! now we could help.

Okay! Thanks for helping!

I have exactly what you need.

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Create a property Money giver

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