How can you make a zone do damage over time?

That’s what they said about the item granter in May…

We don’t have a guide for recursion. Also, Blackhole927 finally finished the graphing calculator guide, I’m still working on a graphing calculator guide, and 3 voting guides came out!

Gimvengers were created, two pictures were drawn (You can see one on my profile), then discarded as they were used as a prestigious group instead of another way to say “smart and experienced helper”.

Do we still use unfeatured helpers?
Are they the same as GimVengers?

Oh and I have 2.9k likes which means that the likes leaderboard has… uh… changed.

No we don’t use unfeatured helpers.

Also @NavyCatZ and @Im_Pretty_Cool Both have visited 100 days, and I’ve visited 101 :]

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OH and @Blackhole927 is making chess like the epik person at gimkit creative he is.

Somehow I have the most likes in this week and more likes than Im_Pretty_Cool (overall)!

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Stop rubbing it in. I feel like your younger brother, just LOOK at the leaderboard!


I feel lost and definitely like I have not checked in 100 days…

Yeah, it’s absolutely insane what @Blackhole927 can do. He was even working on a color display that used 128+ properties, but… property limit.

Omg 3 months laters!

I never figured it out, but don’t really need it anymore. I scrapped the idea of a room that slowly hurts over time. Thanks for the feedback anyways!

Try useing this guide, like take some of the damage aspects in it.

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you can make it so entering the zone activates a repeater that repeats for, say, every 2 seconds. make it so that when the task runs, a health granter will grant the player NEGATIVE health. it should work, because it works with item granters. just make it so exiting the zone stops the repeater.

Health granters can’t grant negative health.


We wish, though. Damage modifiers could do it, if they’re added.

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