How can you make a zone do damage over time?

I’m working on a map based in space, and the ship is worn down and broken. And I want to make a room that takes away lots of health while in it. Like the health granter but reversed. Any ideas?

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I do not know but I can figure out how in a little bit :+1:
i have low internet but i will try to find out how🛜🛜

Bump because ain’t resolved

How could it be? It’s very tedious and difficult to implement a damage zone.

You could go to the zone and when player enters it, activate a laser (using wires or channels)

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It depends on how large the zone is first, and you would need to place down many lasers and other stuff.

Fine, but you have an answer, so why did you even bump it for being unresolved?

I was dumb. I bumped this then started to think a solution

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You could make a different thing like a breath meter, and have the zones deal damage to your soul or something, so when you are souless, you receive major debuffs or something like that.

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You could remove the health bar, and simulate health using a property that is decreased regularly when you’re in the zone. Add an overlay, something to manage when you’re attacked, yada yada yada…

adding to @Cameron_Sharer, hide the hp bar and use notifications and an overlay to show health, and switch their team when their health gets to 0 so they are knocked out

You guys know that this was 3 months ago, I don’t think they need it anymore.

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“Something to manage when you’re attacked” is the hardest thing I’ve ever heard someone just say as if it was so easy it was standard.

I don’t really know if they have a new device to track that. Is that how that works now?

If you don’t have enemy guns, you could use pseudo-health, which is still very bulky.

There is no new device to track damage done by sentries.

Oh… what are the new devices?
People use weird words that I assume refer to interesting devices, however, I see no new features in GimKit Creative.

Well we created new techniques like pseudo-teaming, concatenation (we started using it, not new), and recursion (we started using it, not new).

Also, I’m totally clueless about how flag things work. Any flag things at all.

Also new device called Laser Beam Manager, it sucks (kind of useful, not really).

And I can find those in the guides, right?