How can you do this?

how can you make a timer in the notification device? was wondering on how to make one person in another team like snowy survival

1:Look in the all options tab. (If you want a string of notifications, use triggers that show and hide the notification)
2: Use this guide:


oh ok thnks

Do you mean overlay? A notification wouldn’t work as well for this, unless that’s intentional.

You mean a Game Overlay right?

Oops that what I meant lol

but I know how to do the thing on the guide

its just like the one in snowy survival, exept it starts a game

oh oki

What do you mean by starts a game?

when you spawn in a game you are in a room and stay there until the timer goes off and teleports you to where you have to be to start the game

Use triggers and teleporters for that


You could use the overlay to track an item and have a repeater remove said item over time.

And you can use this.


alright I think I did it, Thanks ya’ll

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