How can I regenerate health passively?

I might not respond soon.

Use a trigger loop and a health granter, triggered --------------> grant health.

Make the trigger trigger on game start with a lifecycle

i made it in this guide just change it to health not shield

oh never mind @gimmaster12345 already said it

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Wire the triggers like this:
Triggered -------> trigger.
Repeat another time so you get a loop, and put a delay on the triggers.

I’ll try these tomorrow! thanks for the help

life cycle, wire repeater X2, health granter:
life cycle: game start
Wire repeater 01: how slow you want the health to grant (suggested 2 seconds)
wire repeater 02: 0.0
health granter: however much health you want to grant (suggested 2 (health then shield))
lifecycle, wire repeater 01: game start – send pulse
wire repeater 01, health granter: receive pulse, grant health
wire repeater 01, wire repeater 02: receive pulse, send pulse!


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Thanks! it works perfectly

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