How To Make A Halo Map

I made a halo map and the name is the The Pillar of Fall if u want to see it

1 P.M.L for pistol,
2 Blaster for assault rifle,
3 Evil eye for sniper rifle
4 Quantum portal for rocket launcher,
5 Zapper for plasma rifle
6 Wooden wand for plasma pistol

Enemy & Ally Classes
coming soon

Energy Shield
You Will Need
1 repeater 1 health granter 1 lifecycle
Step 1 place down Lifecycle and make it send “start” on game start.
Step 2 Place down a repeater and make it start on “start” and put out “energy shield” every 0.5 sec.
Step 3 Place a health granter that grants you 1 shield when it receives the channel “energy shield”
And thats it.

Automatic Door
you will need 1 zone 1 barrier
step 1 place down a zone and make it send out “open door” when entering and “close door” when leaving
Step 2 Place down a barrier change its size and color to your liking and make it activate on “open door” and deactivate on “close door”

Prop Weapons
for now all i have is pictures but i will add more later

add any more ideas that u have


This should be linked to one of the four posts in the search query:

By the way, somebody flagged your post. It was not me though.

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what is the search query sry im new

It’s the results from that search I’m linking.

oh ok

do u have any other ideas also i cant find my map if i type it in discovery can anyone tell me why

it probably got copyrighted. Halo® is copyrighted you know. it could have been reported.

oh probably do u think i can republish it but get rid any thing that says halo and change the thumbnail it was a picture of the ship in halo the pillar of autumn

Welcome, you should add some bullet points and stuff to make your post look a bit more clean. Cool tips tho


Me personally, I think the evil eye works better as a rocket launcher, because it fires high-damage, medium speed projectiles, whereas the quantum portal’s projectiles are slower

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i made it a little bit better

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what should my next halo map take place a snowy place forest desert etc the first one you escape the pillar of fall(the big ship)

hey @LoneWolf you can use my art. just so you know

ok thank you its very good

i think you should add more, and change the title to something like “How to make a Halo map”

more to the first level? cause im out of memory

more to the guide, it is very short

ok i will later i kinda forgot about it and why does this have flags?

should i delete my map so i can make more or keep it so i can see the plays?

  • Delete
  • Keep
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What names should i have for my future maps the first on you escape the ship and i already have a name for that. The second one you land on a snowy area and fly a ship to the third map where you blow up a covenant ship.