How can I permanently publish a creative game

Is there a like a bot or something? I heard blackhole927 mention smth abt that before, but I didn’t rly get it.

There is a way involving using gimkit’s API and a static web link, but this system requires storing passwords. I’m not sure how to do that safely, so it’s not currently public.


If you go to settings you can publish your map

Wait so you made a system for permanently publishing games by yourself?

But im talking about how to keep it permanently published

As of right now there is no way of doing this without making your own system. Published links are available for 7 days before expiring.

Alr thanks

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Let me give you a quick overview of how it works.

Using code, you can make a publish link. To make the publish link you need three things, a gimkit username, password, and the name of the game you want to publish. Whenever you visit the site, the site will make a publish link with this info. My username and password for gimkit are hard coded into the program. The reason the link never expires is because a new link is generated everytime you visit the site, and you are then redirected to it.

And for reference, here’s a permalink:

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Ok. Tell me if the site ever opens to the public

Bro, that is next level sick.

it said the link expired for me

I assume that’s because they haven’t visited the site recently - the link never expires for the person who owns the link because clicking on the link sends them to the site, thus creating a new share link - but if that person doesn’t visit the site for 7+ days, the link won’t automatically renew and other people won’t be able to access the link (they aren’t the ones renewing the link, anyway).


ohhh, that would make sense, thanks

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Strange, it says the link expired…

That’s weird, it shouldn’t have happened. I’m traveling right now but when I get home I’ll look into it.