How can i make this happen?

How do i make it to where you press a button to “ready Up” and it only gets rid of a barrier to start the game if the counter= The CURRENT number of players?

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Use a player counter.

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if that works for you mark a solution

He might want to know how to make a ready up “button” that get’s rid of a barrier, which I might now how to do.

If you have a lobby, you could put a game overlay and make sure that it disappears when the game ‘starts’. I might have to think a bit more, because I’ve never made a game with a lobby after the game starts. If you’re trying to make a hunger game, then I could still possibly help you, just give me a moment to figure this out, @LEPRECON2024.

The Thing That Im looking for is like in the GimKart 8 when you press ready up and when the game counter goes to the number of players, then it starts.

@ClicClac made GimKart 8, so thats a them question.

Well, How do I ask @ClicClac?

Well just ping them but other than that you have to wait.

  1. @WolfTechnology, the game is called GimkitKart 8. Also, I’m a he.

  2. @LEPRECON2024, the way I did it was to have a setup like so:

On the top, there is a live player counter. The counter increments the property PeopleInGame. On the right, the top button sends a message to the trigger, deactivates itself, increments the counter (which is connected to the property PeopleReadyInGame) and activates the other button. The orange button decrements the counter, deactivates itself and reactivates the other button. In the trigger, it runs this code:

All it does is check if the two properties equal each other, and if so, broadcast on a channel.

(The code’s invalid.)

Hope this helps!

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That is why I said them because i had no clue, and my bad on the *kit part.

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thank you so, so, so much!

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@ClicClac Is it wrong if I ask you to get in my game and do it?
I know c0des are Illegal so you would have to look on wix.

This uses no blocks.

Make the ready up button decrease the num players counter and increase another counter. When the num players counter reaches 0, the game starts. The other counter edits a property that is the number of players in the game.

Uh, I would like it more for you to do it on your own so you learn. If you really can’t get it though, try to contact Beanine on the Wix.

Well, I already tried but when i had 3 people in the game, when one pressed the button it already removed the barrier.

Can I see your block code?

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