How can I make prop made images transition from each other?

I’m working on a rickroll Easter egg for one of my maps using props to create an image (to learn more click my profile and the link there) and I want to know how transitions between them to create an animation style thing.

you could make a giant line of wire repeater that have short delays. These wire repeaters could show and hide the props

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That is the best thing that I could come up with as well. Good luck!

If you have lots of props, you’ll have to use multiple wire repeaters. There’s a limit to how many wires you can have coming out of a wire repeater.

Could I use teleporters?

yeah I guess. It’s just gimkit doesn’t instantly teleport. The camera glides to the new position

This is what has been figured out, @Anythinger has made a guide on animating: How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧

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