How can I make player HAVE to press a button to refill ammo?

I’m trying to make a battle Royale game where you have limited ammo and you get more ammo only after you have no ammo and press a button. :grey_question:

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What kind of button? Game-overlay button? Call-to-action button? Normal button? Please clarify.


A game-overlay button at the bottom of the screen.

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Ok, thank you for that clarification. First, of course, make the game overlay button. Next, go to settings and turn off infinite refills. Finally, wire the overlay device to a checker, with the settings: when button pressed → run check. The check should see if the amount of ammo is greater than 0. Wire the checker to an item granter that grants ammo. The wire should be: if check fails → grant item. That’s it! (Sorry for taking so long I was typing a different way when I thought of this one).

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if this was gimkit merged with scratch I could help but since its not.

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