How can i make moving sentrys

for my fnaf map i really need help with dis.

Impossible right now.

at least to my knowledge.

No. You can’t carry damage over…

what does that mean?

also it is possible becose on a fnaf on discovery they had sentrys that would move from the stage to different locations propably from teleporters.

You cannot pass damage over, but you can activate and deactivate sentry as a illusion for moving sentry’s.

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also nothing is impossible unless its GIMpossible

also i think u found the solution
cough cough JohanGim cough cough

probably what @JohanGim said, how “moving” is done by deactivating and activating sentries. (in different locations)

how can i mmake them move without buttons tho

Use this but make them sentries

I would add a timer that, once it reaches 0, despawns the current sentry and spawns one in somewhere else. There’s no way to make a sentry move currently.

datttts smartttttttttttttttt

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