How can I make it so that when there is one player left the game ends?

I saw an solution for this on another post that I didn’t understand how to do but couldn’t ask them to clarify since it had been marked as resolved. BTW it’s a battle royale game.



So @WhereIsMyHat, make an enclosed space. Like one square floor. Make that the spawn area ONLY FOR THE NON one player team people.

Mini Guide

Put a zone there and wire it to a counter, incrementing it. Make the counter’s target zero. Now, make a lifecycle with Player Knocked out. Or something. Wire the lifecycle to the counter. Then, when only one person is left(The one player team), the game will end.

Wait @WhereIsMyHat what are you making?

Btw the battle royale tag is for community made guides about it

Have you tried looking into this guide (not mine)?

If it doesn’t work, you could try using this guide (also not mine).

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Thanks, I’ll know that in the future

Also this:

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I just made a guide:

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