How can I make a simple fishing system that grants 1 of 4 items?

I have a small pond, and set up the buttons how can I set up an easy fishing system granting med packs, shields, light and heavy shards.

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I think you just have an invisible button linked to an item granter but to make it grant different things every time you have to use blocks here’s a link for how to

So basically you connect a button to a Teleporter (group is a, target is b)
Button Pressed —> Teleport Player to target
Now place another teleporter with the group b.
Copy that 3 times and then wire each teleporter with “b” group to one of your 4 items.
If you want to make items more common and rare, and actually feel more random, make more teleporters that give the more common item.

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Or you can use a guide thatsa on the forum.

How to make randomizer 🟧

thank you

Your Welcome, let me know if i can help you with anything else.