Person who presses button get reward

So maybe I’m just overthinking this but I’m making a jackbox type game where it will randomly generate a prop, then people bid on it, the system then gets the value from another loot pool, but I want the person who last pressed the button to get the money, but i don’t know how to link up the last button pressed to who is awarded the money.

I don’t know how to make the last person who presses it get the money so maybe mention (@) someone in @trust_level_3 except for me

Make a text property that is global. When the button is pressed, make a trigger set the property to the player’s name. Then once the bidding is done, make a relay broadcast to all players. Make a trigger receive on that channel. It should check if the triggering player’s name is equal to the property. If it use, then do the stuff you want.


maybe just wire a button to item granted and cover it with a crate

and its is only limited to the player which you can do as @getrithekd getrithekd said

Thanks this helped with that helped me solve that issue and find a few more issues in my blocks and overall wiring -.- It’ll be a process but you were so helpful!

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