How can I make a game mode like Don't Look Down

I would like to make a platformer game mode just like Don’t Look Down. Is that possible? If possible, how would I do that?

Not possible unless you did what Apoll02 did

I don’t think they made it to where you can do that yet?

What did Apoll02 do?

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Here’s a simple jumping system from kyro. [1️⃣] - A Simple Jump System and the Collision Concept by kyro

he made a game in discovery Il say name Gim Jumper a GKC platformer

How did he make the game though?

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Please search your question before you post this is not currently possible
we are all still waiting for it to come out in a later update

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Got it. Thanks Foxy, you have been a big help.

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It certainly is possible. Because gimkit is turing complete, everything that runs on a computer can be run in gimkit.

Apoll02 made his platformer using a text display, that displayed pixels like a computer screen does in order to simulate a platformer.

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Got it. Who should I mark as the solution?

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Probably me, seeing as foxy was wrong in saying it isn’t possible.


there isn’t a programmed system and the way that is possible is not easy jeez

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Of course it isn’t easy, but you should never tell somebody what they want to do is impossible, because it certainly is.


To add on to that, if you say that something is impossible, prove it. Some things are definitely impossible and have been proven impossible in computer science (I haven’t seen anything like that yet).


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