How can I make 3D art? (now that I think about it not really 3D, you'll see)

I’m now not bored and am making a PvZ map. I’m starting with the map first, so I need to make the house on the left. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s this:

(the house circled in red)

I don’t know how I would be able to kinda make it like 3D, the whole map already doesn’t fit in the screen at once, it’d be impossible so I need to make the house small too.

This might help

3D Art Library (Post here)
Edit: THEHACKER120 posted that a few seconds before me.

Those don’t really explain how to do it, but thanks anyways.

If you scroll down the guide, you get many examples

If you scroll down you find some 3D art I did lol

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Give me a minute, I might be able to help. Let me make something…

* just puts two pictures kinda having a little context but no instructions *

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Frozen_cursor has guides with almost no words… and the picures are self explainitory.

I get it. Kind of. Sort of. A little bit. Just using layers, i’ll try it out.

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So the house entrance has to be faced towards the grass?

Yea, it’s really difficult but it has to be possible to get the house, right?

I really couldn’t get the perspective of the door, so I just slapped on a roof lol


Wow! I was trying and this is what I got, your’s is so much better!

art is only for guides

There are clearly Help stuff in art!

That’s the problem with trying to make 3d-like perspectives in GKC lol, you don’t want to end up with a weird looking rotated house

There shouldn’t be lol
I’ll remove them later

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Maybe I just shouldn’t have the house…