How can I make 2 sentries fight indefinitely?

I’ve been trying to come up with a system where 2 sentries will fight without actually damaging each other, as I only want the player to be able to defeat them. I have tried using barriers and relays, but they either shoot through the barrier or don’t see the other sentry. Anyone have any ideas to make this system?


Make the sentries on different teams. and adjust how much the sentry uses the damage or put a small barrier around them.

How to make walls of water you can shoot projectiles through! [:green_square:]

Will this help? and or find the guide for shoot through barriers

You can’t make two sentries fight eachother, that is not how they work, the most you can really do is have the sentries be on different teams. But you can’t make them fight a AI, on a player.

I’ve tried using barriers around the sentries that can’t be shot through but can be walked through, but it has the negative side effect of the sentries inside of the barriers not shooting at all.

Sentries on different teams actually will fire at each other.

No, like kill, and do it constantly with out error or player interaction.

Bumping this since its unsolved

make sentries on two different teams but add like a prop in the middle so neither dies? or maybe put them far away from each other?

@Gaming this is not possible please mark a solution

Halfway there. I got 1 sentry to not take damage from the other sentry. Still working on the other one, since using the same strat for both won’t work.

They are on two different teams and have like say 100 health. Then their respawn count down is 0 (zero)
so they respawn instantly

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@Gaming Just set the two sentries to two different teams.

and if you want them the fight forever then you make their respawn infinite or 0 @111

And you could make them have super high health @Pandapants2000

but they will still kill each other at some point @111, you need to give them a respawn.

Unfortunately, it isn’t really possible to make this happen due to team scopes not being applied to sentries on the corresponding team.

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but if you go onto the sentry and select what team their on, they will fight the other one @Gaming

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The point of this is to try to get sentries to appear to fight each other, but not actually damage each other

then make their aim horrible @Gaming