How to make walls of water you can shoot projectiles through! [🟩]

If you have ever used water in any of your maps to block players, you might of came across the issue of the water also blocking projectiles from gadgets. Here’s a simple way to fix this:

Step One - Add your water! :ocean:

Can’t shoot through water when there is no water to shoot through. Make sure that the water is set as a Floor.

Step Two - Put barriers over the water! :orange_square:

Overlap between barriers is fine, as it is inevitable for water shapes that aren’t square or rectangle.

Step Three - Edit the settings! :gear:

Open the barrier up. Change these settings:
Active On Game Start > No
Visible In-Game > No
Active Scope > Player

Step Four - Activate the barrier! :arrow_up_small:

We don’t activate the barrier, then players can walk AND shoot through the water. We only want projectiles.

Place down a Lifecycle and Relay device. You don’t have to change any settings in them.

Wire the Lifecycle to the Relay.
Event Occurs > Trigger Relay

Now, wire the Relay to the Barrier.
Relay Trigger > Activate Barrier

Step Five - Test! :test_tube:

Grab a gadget and test your water barrier.

Have fun!


Nice Guide! :ocean:
Will definitely use this in my map!

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Thats really cool! Im gonna put that in my battle royale…

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Nice Guide! Very interesting, never thought of that.


Nice guide! I love the little monologue!


Wow nice guide! I was wondering how to do this!

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Nice guide! You haven’t made one in a while, but it’s as well written and helpful as ever!


(Sees my projectiles can go through this)
(Wants to walk through)
(Walks up to the water)
(BUMPs into the player- only-barrier)

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(Sees my projectiles can go through this)
(Wants to walk through)
(Walks up to the water)
(BUMP s into the player- only-barrier)