How Can I made it so when someone dies he switches to Spectator

Pls Read The description

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Get a Knockout Manager and a Team Switcher. Change the team that you switch to Spectator, and then wire Knockout Manager → Team Switcher



Thx you bro. Appreciate it

No problem. The forum is so quiet and I have nothing to do

No, this is actually wrong -

That’ll make it so when you kill someone, you and them will switch to spectator. Try this guide, but only do the spectator one:

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Whoops, sorry

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I think @wingwave is right…

Wingwave isn’t right -
Test out what Wingwave said.

I’d rather someone use the “lifecycle (player knocked out) → team switcher (spectators)” method.

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K thanks you guys :grinning: :grinning:

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