Hot Potato-type game, setup

Tryin’ to figure out how I should make this Hot Potato game, I’ve already made a good amount but I’m still somewhat stuck. The original post was here: [CLICK ME] although I am rather disappointed when it was closed as I still had some questions, etc. I was also hoping/wondering if I could discuss a little more with @NavyCatZ (sorry) (Making a Hot Potato Game, how would I make it so the person it is swapped back to Team 1 when tagging somebody?)

Would mostly like to ask about, and am currently confused by, “Run a player counter for team two, and connect the counter to a property. Then, have a checker check if the property is greater than one. If so, pick a random player on team 2, change their team to a different one, and run the system again.”

The player counter for team 2 just makes the relay in the counter go for team 2.

Here is a guide on player counters:

Instead of making the lifecycle trigger the relay, make the thing you need trigger the relay.

Thank you very much! I definitely try it!

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You can make something like when you are tagged you have a potato that is hot!

Hi, is there still something you need from me?

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Is there anything else you need?

What would the thing I need be?

That’s up to you. It would be whatever you need to start the player counter.

I’m not sure I understand, would a lifecycle still work?

That could work. It’s your choice after all.

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I do like that idea

Sorry if I sounded weird or something, you could use a text property and an overlay and the triggering player block, so that the overlay shows who has it! And when the time is up, the player with the potato Is sent to a spectator, until 1 player is left!