Highest Counter Help

So i have 10 counters how do i make it so the game checks which has the most? (Also the soultion can have blocks)

Use this guide, it is a list of every devices limit.

That is property limit, @Magenta_Dragon asked for counters.

they’re asking for which counter has the highest value, so in that case, properties are needed.

Alright, my bad, I am still teaching myself devices and blocks. So I thought those where two seperate things.


Wait I don’t understand how the counters and properties would go together. Im still learning blocks. Sorry

In the counter, there is a setting to make it increment a property once the counter gets incremented. You need properties if you want to compare the highest value of your 10 counters because you can’t use counters or check which counter has the highest value and would have to compare them in blocks using properties instead.

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@Haiasi Wait can’t you just use a checker?

All you have to do is use the Get Property ___ block and compare all of them with the > and < blocks.

You could use a checker now but the counters still need to track a property. Back then checkers were bugged so blockcode was the only option

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