Hey I'm making a storage raid map, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas

storage raid is a game where you answer question to get keys and with those keys you open storage containers to possibly get a wepon or get endgamed, last person to lose all three lives win.

you could make a secret storage container and to find it you need to press a secret button to tp you and when opened it gives you very good loot.


good idea DEF going to add that but ima make the risk higher ill make it make you lose 2 lives if you get endgamed.

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make one pretend to give you a really good item, but it’s actually just a trap and a quantum portal sentry comes and attacks.

also good luck :smiley: on the map hope it makes trending!


OOH good idea love the idea!

Ty man i appreciate it!

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also check out this

another funni trap lol really more troll

that is so funny lol

Lol im probably going to do that for one of the things!

Hi I subscribed to you and am wondering if you can send me your map @ jaxon.gerrits@neenahlutheran.net and what kind of vids do you make?

Hey was just wonderin wanna help me make the map? i have a lot of repetetive stuff to do and would love help

u guys seem really nice

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i don’t have any yt channels…?

besides that one I made solely to post that one clip I got in doors, literally jack door 1 on April fools?

maybe I can send you a map @ but I’m really busy

@bannanaman @Monkey1 @Txme_Lxss @MarkTheShark101 any of you guys wanna help me with my map, i got a lot of repetative stuff to do and would love help!

Hey I’ll help you just email me at


RedPandaArtist i would love to but i am not really that great at making maps

honestly lol i just need help placing terrain lol

oh i know how. I have plenty of maps that i have tried to make somthing but it just turns into me just placing random stuff

I will still help and maybe you could send it to me when you are done PLEASE AND IF YOU DO THANK YOU