Hey I'm making a storage raid map, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas

sure mate, i emaild u

I would love to help! but unfournetaly you know how school is :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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i am a new user btwand i struggle with everything. i litrealy got threatend on my first day to be reported. im having a rough time with these fourum stuff so its nice to meet nice people

FR FR BRO lol its alr man!

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fr i toatly understand

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Man me too fam i feel bad for you but itl be ok!

thanks im just getting settled

Just a heads up- don’t be too off-topic and chat, cause y’all can get flagged.

TRUE ty friend!!!

right there are people who will do that and honestly i think those people are just looking for an exues to get someone in trouble

@Monkey1 I emailed you btw.

anyways i have to deal with my little sister brb

i will prob make a topic too cause i dont know how to do anything

try looking at guides they help a ton!

i have none really help because what i want to do it doesnt give me any info for

You can email me at jaylenhurtsforthwin@gmail.com if you have any questions

my dad would k i l l

me if he found out that i am emailing random people and random people are emailing me.

No offense

Just saw it and responded

Lol nvm then just ping me if you need anything ig

how do i ping

btw sry my dad is super overprotective he doesnt even let me play roblox he is worried that somhow some creep is going to kidnap me