Hey i need help

i have a question anyone willing too help??

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What is your question?

I am. With what

ok i have been making a battle royale with some people for a while i have made 5 ships 4 of them are done and ive run out of ideas for the 3rd please help


Make the third ship based off of a Gimkit game.

they arenet huge just kinda big not giant

i want something unique

A greenhouse ship

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noice idea but i want something that has not really been done

A tech store?

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i already kindaish have one of those in a ship

Bed and beyond***********

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whats bed and beyond

Bed store with other household stuff

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Maybe a ship with secret tunnels and secret shops?


Like, a graveyard-style ship?

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Pirate ship is the besssttt

ohhhhhhhh smart sweet thank u guys

1 thing its a space ship