Hey i need help

For the character requirement, just put regular letters in these: < >. Also, there is a preview box on the right, so you can see if it worked or not.

i can still do that so thank u

70′s disco, 80′s retro, 90’s pop, arctic, desert, forest, ocean, sky… Just rambling off some ideas.

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Dude, im a not super cool with this and you know exactly why, i have told you that i am struggling with time managment. Give me some time so that i may help you, if not please don’t ask for my help. Sorry if this is rude, but I have told you that school is more important.

no i helped design some of this map, and he saved ship 3 for me to design, he has been pounding me on the wix and gcc, by telling me to design it and i told him i have school and give me time and then i read this, and it makes me mad when someone does not listen or respect what others say.

Oh, ok.

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u r right sry wolf no offense taken from me sry

Its nothing, but please just give me a few more days, I am taking my ACT’s so i am really busy.


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