Hey, I need help

So I was told that if Bonnie or whoever I’m gonna name him is getting to my left door so fast, I need to make it so he has more stops. So I tried to edit the code, but I don’t know what I’m doing. So @awesomeT43, could you help me?

is it like a FNAF game?

Yes, I need to make it so that, if the door is closed, He can’t disable it, nor the lights. And to give him multiple stops.

try this [ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for FNAF

No, none of them make sense. + One of my guides are in there.
Correction: My ONLY guide is in there.

oh, one second. I’ve never really made a fnaf game so let me find a guide

you’re fine.

try this guide for bonnie FNAF 1 Guide for Foxy & Bonnie

His doesn’t make much sense anyway, plus my bonnie already has code, and I’m not changing the whole thing.

ok, go through with me what you need help with. do you want bonnie to come in and stop in front of the closed door?

I think I can try getting on around 10 CST to help you.

show me your code please

okay. And @NoFaceNoName, codes arent allowed on here.

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did you figure it out @Shadow.exe ?

no. I’m not that good with block code. :sweat_smile: I always need help with it because I haven’t encountered any thing simple for block code.

have you tried wires?

no,as in block code, you know, wire pulse etc

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oh. and @Pandapants2000 I can’t have to many wires, my games already kinda laggy at 24% memory used.

you can go to 100% memory before it stops @Shadow.exe

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but I don’t want too much lag.